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House Rules

Game Cancellation
  • Cash games

In the event of disruption, when a hand of poker has to be cancelled, all bets placed will be deemed void and each player’s balance will be reinstated to the original amount they had at the start of the hand.

  • Tournaments

Sometimes tournaments may not run. If you have registered for a tournament which is cancelled, you will be refunded in full, including any entry fee.

In the unlikely event that a tournament has to be cancelled, the following guidelines will apply:

Players eliminated before cancellation: no refunds

Players who were still in the tournament when it was cancelled:

 In case players haven't reached the prize pool:

  Buy-in and entry fee refund.

50%  of the remaining prize pool will be shared equally among all of the players.

50% will be distributed according to chip stacks.

In case players have reached the prize pool:

The prize is awarded according to the number of the remaining players in the tournament. For example, if there are 8 players left when the event is cancelled, all players will receive 8th place prize.

The remaining prize pool is distributed according to chip stacks.


Unfair Play

Collusion is when two or more players act secretly with a common strategy, so as to gain an unfair advantage over other players.  These actions are stricly prohibited and will be punished. Not only will your funds be seized and distributed to other players, but you also won't have access to our gaming platform any more. So, remember to behave, play it clean and treat other player the way you like to be treated.
Fixed Limit Disconnection Rules

In the unfortunate event that the internet connection drops out, before players have the chance to end their turn, the hand will be considered as all-in. If this is the case, players can neither place any more bets during this round, nor win more than the money already in the pot.

Fantastic World Poker offers “disconnection protection”, provided that players participate in real money limit cash-game tables and “disconnection protection” is made available to their account. If a “disconnection protection” is used, it is no longer available for use. Players can apply for more “disconnection protections” in the FWP lobby or directly contact our support team. FWP reserves the right to restrict “disconnection protection” at its own discretion.

NoLimit and PotLimit Disconnection Rules

In the unfortunate event that the internet connection drops out before players have the chance to end their turn, the hand will be considered as folded. If this is the case, players can’t place any more bets during this round while at the same time any money in the pot will be lost.

Shared Pots

If a pot can’t be divided equally, then the following rules will apply regarding the odd chip left:

Texas Hold'em and Omaha: The player who made the last bet on the river or the player sitting to the left of the dealer, if no river bets were made, gets it.

Omaha Hi Lo: The winning hi hand gets it.

Antes and Blinds and Limits


An Ante is a forced bet in which all players have to put a certain amount into the pot before the beginning of each game.


There are usually two Blind bets during the first betting round of community card games, the Big Blind and the Small Blind. In general, the Big Blind is equal to the minimum bet and the Small Blind is half the Big Blind. The player to the left of the dealer button places the Small Blind and the next player on the left places the Big Blind. The above Blinds are considered as "live bets", because both the Big and Small Blind players have to raise, even if no other player has done so.


In limit games, the lower limit is used in the first two betting rounds and the higher limit (which is usually the lower limit) is used in the final two betting rounds. 7 Card Stud is the only exception, because if a player shows a pair after 4th Street, then the higher limit is used.


A minimal fee is charged for our service.

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