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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions 

These Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) constitute and govern the contractual relationship between

FABLED DIAMOND EAGLE N.V. (reg. no. 138203) [hereinafter referred to as “FABLED”] having its registered address at Heelsumstraat 51, E-Commerce Park, Curacao,

and You [hereinafter referred to as the "Client", "Subscriber", "Account Holder", "Player" or "User", as the case may be]. is a brand name owned and operated by FABLED, a company registered and established under the laws of Curacao, which has an agreement with Curacao eGaming for its gaming license 8048/JAZ. FABLED registration number is 138203 and its registered address is at Heelsumstraat 51, E-Commerce Park, Curacao. Financial transactions are managed by FABLED.

These T&Cs regulate the game of Poker, also known as a game of chance and skill.

Use of (hereinafter referred to as “FWP Site”) and/or other Sites operating within the FABLED Network, as well as their information, materials and links, is solely upon the Terms and Conditions set out below (the "Terms and Conditions" or "T&Cs") which constitute the entire agreement between the User and FABLED for the use of the FWP Site and FABLED Network.

By using the FWP Site and FABLED Network, Users play with one or more of the registered participants in the FWP Site or in other Sites operating within the FABLED Network by entering into a Gaming Contract with such participant/s. The sole function of FABLED is to endeavor to facilitate the entering of Players into Contracts with each other by using the Site and Network, and in no circumstances does FABLED enter into a Gaming Contract with a User. 

A "Gaming Contract" refers to all gaming activities and actions carried out by a Player with another one or more participant(s) in the FWP Site, when playing and using its poker tables, and FABLED Network.

1. General

a. The term "Game" refers to any gaming activity provided by FABLED on the FWP Site and FABLED Network for the benefit of its Users.

b. The User must read the T&Cs before using the FWP Site and FABLED Network. Using and / or opening an Account on the Site is an acknowledgement that the User has read, understood and agreed to be bound by the T&Cs. FABLED reserves the right to change, amend or update these rules as deemed fit by giving no further notice other than posting the amended or updated rules on the FWP Site. Any changes shall be deemed effective as soon as they are accepted by the Governing Authority and posted on the FWP Site, while the User shall be deemed to have consented to them by continuing to use the services on the FWP Site and FABLED Network after the effective date. If a User does not agree with the T&Cs (including any changes), he/she must not use the FWP Site and FABLED Network.

c. The rules herein are effective as of 01.08.2016. The Subscriber must be familiar with all the rules herein and confirms unreserved acceptance of said rules upon Account registration. All Games played on the FWP Site and FABLED Network are duly subject to the rules as specified in this document.

d. These T&Cs apply to everyone to whom FABLED provides its Services. In conjunction with these T&Cs, some specific rules  for individual games as well as Software End-User License Agreements may be applicable, which shall be published on the Site and deemed incorporated into our T&Cs.

2. Opening of Accounts

a. A "Player's Account" refers to a record kept by FABLED, which shall be accessible to the Player at all times. It shows the Player's credit by taking into account all wagers placed, all prizes won, as well as any other debits or credits of his/hers.

b. FABLED may register a person as a Player only if FABLED has received from that person an application for registration through a remote gaming terminal operated by FABLED.

c. Through the application process all Players shall provide their personal details regarding their age, identity, place of residence and a valid email address.

d. To be able to play on the FWP Site and FABLED Network, a deposit Account must necessarily be opened. Upon opening an Account, the Account Holder will be assigned code numbers and/or passwords that are required to access the Account. The Account Subscriber is responsible for ensuring that said codes and/or passwords are kept secret. It is important for the Subscriber to choose a strong password by using both alphanumeric keys as well as symbols. By registering on the FWP Site, the Subscriber agrees to maintain an Account registered in his/her name, and to provide FABLED with the details of his/her debit or credit card from which funds will be credited to the Player's Account as Player may decide from time to time. It is prohibited to sell/transfer accounts to/from others and prohibited to transfer funds to/from others.

e. A “Know Your Client” procedure will be carried out on Players depositing money and all transactions made by the Players will be checked to prevent money laundering. In this respect, identification documents may be requested to be submitted to FABLED as a part of the Know Your Client process. FABLED does not accept, under any circumstances, any funds originating from illegal and criminal activities. If we find out that you have deposited such funds into your Account, we will immediately close your Account.

f.  If FABLED becomes aware that a Subscriber has provided false information in this respect, FABLED shall not register him/her and if he/she has already been registered, FABLED shall immediately cancel that person's registration.

g. No person under eighteen years of age may be registered as a Player. FABLED reserves the right to suspend or cancel a Player’s account, if satisfactory proof of age is not provided or if FABLED suspects that he/she is underage.

h. No person who is resident in Armenia, Aruba, Belgium, Bonaire, Colombia, Curacao, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Netherlands, North Korea, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saba, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, Statia, St. Maarten, UK, Ukraine, USA may open an Account, play, or in any other way participate in the FABLED offers and/or services.

i. Before opening an Account or playing Games on the FWP Site and FABLED Network, each and every Player is responsible for making sure that he/she complies with his/her own local gaming laws, regarding accessing and using gaming sites, as well as taxation of winnings, and other general laws and regulations concerning his/her act of gaming. Internet gambling may be illegal in the jurisdiction in which the Player is located and if that’s the case, the Player won’t be authorized to use any payment method to make transactions related to gaming in general.

j. Subscribers who open a Player's Account are knowledgeable about and accept all the terms, conditions and definitions specified herein. It is the Subscriber's responsibility to read all the policies, messages, news, updates and any other material posted by FABLED on the FWP Site or any other Site operating within the FABLED network.

3. Maintenance, Security and Termination of Accounts

a. FABLED shall, at all times, keep a secure list of all registered Players.

b. Each Player is allowed to open only one Account on the FWP Site and FABLED Network. FABLED reserves the right to close a Player’s Account at any time and to cancel all the transactions pertaining to any Player that has registered more than one Account under his/her own name or under different names, in the event that FABLED has reason to suspect that the registration of said multiple Accounts has been done with the intent to cheat or commit fraud. By opening an Account on the FWP Site and FABLED Network, Subscribers implicitly give their authorization to the processing and use of any personal data in compliance with the Privacy Law in Curaçao for the sole purpose of their Account maintenance on the FWP Site and FABLED Network.

c. It is the Client's responsibility to ensure that his/her records on FABLED are kept up to date, especially addresses, telephone numbers and payment/bank details.

d. It is the Client's responsibility to ensure that he/she keeps his/her username and security details confidential. Every Game played under a Player's username and security details will be regarded as valid, irrespective of who participates in the Game. In the event that the security of the above details has been breached, Players should notify FABLED immediately, whereupon new details may be forwarded and any future transactions under the previous details will be considered void.

e. The Player’s Account does not accrue interest. All payments to and from an Account must be made in one of the available currencies on the Site from time to time and from a payment source on which the Player is the named Account Holder.

f. FABLED reserves the right to use third party electronic payment processing systems and/or financial institutions to process your payments in connection with your use of the FWP Site and FABLED Network.

g. If the Account Holder does not access the Account by “logging in” using his/her Account name and security details for a period of 180 days, his/her Account shall be deemed to be “Inactive”. Inactive Accounts will be closed after 365 days of inactivity and the provisions of Article 3.p. hereof shall apply.

h. Winnings will be credited to the Player's Account following the confirmation of the final result.

i. Any expense related to withdrawal requests shall be charged to the receiver. In the event that a Subscriber has increased his/her Gaming Account balance by sending a fax copy of the transfer receipt regarding a postal money order or bank transfer, the date shown on the receipt must coincide with the payment date into the FABLED bank account on behalf of FABLED, otherwise it shall not be possible to withdraw any winnings. Withdrawals from a Player’s Account on the FWP Site and FABLED Network can only be made by the registered Account Holder and according to the conditions specified on the FWP Site. Furthermore, amounts may be remitted only to the same account from where the funds paid into the Player’s Account originated. Prior to the approval of withdrawals of any amounts, identification documents such as a passport and a utility bill will be requested from the Player requesting the withdrawal. Deposited funds are intended to be used for gaming purposes and thus cannot be withdrawn within the first 48 hours after the deposit.

j. Any taxes on winnings due by Players will be paid by them in accordance with the rules and regulations of the country where they are bound to pay taxes.

k. Should funds be credited to a Player's Account in error, it is the Client's responsibility to notify FABLED of the error without delay. Any winnings subsequent to the error and prior to the notification of FABLED, whether associated with the error or not, shall be deemed invalid and returned to FABLED.

l. Players may only use their own credit / debit card in their own Account. Any deposits made using another individual's credit / debit card will be refunded and any games played with funds from such card will be deemed void.

m. FABLED reserves the right to close down any Account without notice or reason. In these cases, the balance on the Account shall be returned to the Player. The same applies to any amounts won by the Account Holder in any Games in progress.

n. Any Account Holder is entitled to close his Account and terminate this Agreement at any time via email with FABLED and FABLED will respond within a reasonable time. Provided that the Account Holder shall be responsible for his/her Account activity until its closure has been carried out by FABLED, FABLED is entitled to terminate this Agreement immediately and notify or attempt to notify the Account Holder about it using the email address that was provided to the Company. In case the Company has terminated the Account as a result of a failed Security Review, any balances on the Player's Account are non-refundable and deemed forfeited.

o. Players understand and accept that FABLED is not able to provide them with any legal advice on their responsibility to make sure that at all times they comply with their governing law and that they are legally entitled to play the Games. Any participation in the Games is at their sole option, discretion and risk. By playing the Games, they acknowledge that they do not find the Games or services to be offensive, objectionable, unfair, or indecent in any way.

p. If the Account Holder does not login for 365 days, the Account shall be closed and the Player shall be notified, in order for his/her money to be returned. If we are not able to find the player in question after a period of 6 months, his/her remaining Account balance will be retained by FABLED.

q. In the event of a Player’s withdrawal, FABLED will cancel any pending bonuses that are connected to the Player’s Account as the case may be.

r. Players can request a self-exclusion period, especially when they become concerned about their gambling behavior. The guidelines and procedure for this self-exclusion are described on the Responsible Gaming page of the FWP Site.

4. Disclaimer of Warranty

a. The FWP Site and FABLED Network are provided on an “AS IS” basis without warranties of any kind regarding the quality of their services, fitness for purpose, accuracy or completeness of the information, text, graphics, links or other items contained within the FWP Site and FABLED Network. FABLED makes no warranty regarding the operation of the FWP Site and FABLED Network or any information or other content on them, or any services or products provided through or in connection with them.

b. FABLED does its best to provide you with Service of the highest quality, safety and security.  However, we make no warranty that the Service will be undisrupted, timely or free of errors. In addition, we make no commitment that the FWP Site, FABLED Network and Software deficiencies will be amended or that the FWP Site, FABLED Network and Software shall be free from bugs, glitches and viruses.

c. FABLED reserves the right to change, modify, remove or add content to the FWP Site, FABLED Network and Software in its absolute discretion and without notice.

5. Software End-User License Agreement

The Account Holder may install and use the computer programs FABLED makes available for Poker ("Software") on a hard disk or other storage device and make backup copies of the Software, provided that such use and backup copying is only for the Account Holder's own personal use for participating in the Games in accordance with this Agreement, and further, that such installation and use is made through a computer of which the Account Holder is the primary user and in accordance with and acceptance of the "Software End-User License Agreement" to which is incorporated in the software installation process and which is to be accepted by any User prior to downloading of the software.

6. Intellectual Property

a. All content of the FWP Site and FABLED Network, including, but not limited to, the Software, images, pictures, graphics, photographs, animations, videos, music, audio, text, as well as the design of the FWP Site and FABLED Network, belongs to FABLED and/or its group of Companies and/or its licensors and is protected by copyright and/or other intellectual property or other rights. You hereby acknowledge that by using the FWP Site and FABLED Network you obtain no rights in their Contents and/or Trademarks. No Content, no Trademark and no part of the FWP Site and FABLED Network may be copied, modified, tampered with, distributed, transmitted, displayed, reproduced, transferred, uploaded, downloaded or otherwise altered without the prior written consent of FABLED.

b. The Software's structure, organization and code are the valuable trade secrets of FABLED and/or its group of Companies and/or its licensors. The Account Holder obtains no rights to the Software except to use it in accordance with this Agreement. Save as expressly permitted by law, the Account Holder is strictly prohibited from, and agrees not to copy, modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of the Software or any part of it or to create, publish or distribute derivative works from the Software. The Account Holder agrees that the Software will not be shipped, transferred or exported into any country or used in any manner prohibited by any applicable laws, restrictions or regulations.

c. The FWP Site and FABLED Network may only be used for lawful purposes. Use of the FWP Site and FABLED Network for transmission, distribution, publication or storage of any material on or via the FWP Site and FABLED Network which is in violation of any applicable law or regulation or any third party's rights is strictly prohibited. This includes, without limitation, the use of the FWP Site and FABLED Network or the transmission, distribution, publication or storage of any material on or via the FWP Site and FABLED Network in a manner or for a purpose which infringes copyright, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property rights, is obscene or harmful to minors or constitutes an illegal act or harassment, is libelous or defamatory, violates any privacy or data protection laws, is fraudulent or breaches any exchange control or gambling law. It is solely for you to establish whether your registration with FABLED and use of the FWP Site and FABLED Network and/or your entry into a Gaming Contract with other Players (or your offering to do so) is lawful. It is also solely your responsibility to ensure that the use by you of your credit or debit card for such purposes is lawful.

7. Other Prohibited Uses

a. The use of Artificial Intelligence including, without limitation, "robots" is strictly forbidden in connection with the Software and the Games. All actions when playing the Game must be executed personally by Players through the user interface. Players agree that FABLED may take steps to detect and prevent the use of prohibited Automatic Programs on the FWP Site and FABLED Network.

b. The use of External Player Assistance Programs which are designed to provide an unfair advantage to players is strictly prohibited. All information on other Players has to be personally observed by a Player during his/her own gameplay and not gathered by using external programs, such as databases and profiles.

c. Chip Dumping is a form of collusion. It happens when any Player decides to go all-in and lose a hand in order for the winner to get a large amount of chips. The winnings are then split among the colluders. Any Player who participates or attempts to participate in chip-dumping with any other Player on the FWP Site and FABLED Network may be permanently banned and his/her Account may be terminated.

d. The selling/transferring and/or acquiring of Accounts to/from Players is prohibited.

e. The transfer of funds amongst Players’ Accounts is highly prohibited.

8. Disputes and Objections

a. FABLED will not consider any claims or disputes on Games to be valid, unless said Games are directly registered in the FABLED database files or records.

b. Players accept that in the event of a discrepancy between the cards displayed on their computer and the game records on the FWP Server the latter shall prevail.

c. Objections or complaints concerning the operation of Games have to be made before starting the Game that is subject to said objections or complaints.

d. Players may address their complaints via email at FABLED will do its utmost to resolve a reported complaint at the earliest.

e. FABLED is in no way responsible for the investigation or the initiation of a complaint made by a User against another for any reason, including but not limited to, the conditions in this Agreement. FABLED in its sole discretion can decide to act against any person suspected of illicit actions or of wanting to violate the conditions of this Agreement.

9. Results

Once a Game has come to an end, its result can neither be changed nor canceled. FABLED retains the right to refuse, accept or partially accept Game results.

10. Winnings

The printout of a Game that has been played is not considered to be a receipt of the winnings. A Game shall be considered as having been won if it is listed on the Player's Games list.

11. Chatting Rules

a. FABLED does realize that chatting can be carried out by Players outside the FWP chat window. Therefore, Players may use any language they desire for communicating in the chat window.

b. The purpose of the FWP chat room is to provide entertainment and communication among Players, so they may only chat in a way that would be appropriate in a face-to-face meeting. Players may not collude, chat or offer advice to others about a hand while it is in progress. The use of inappropriate or offensive language is not permitted in our chat room and all the conversations are moderated, recorded and stored. Suspicious chats will be reported to the relevant authorities. In case of breach of the aforementioned chat room rules, FABLED reserves the right to warn the Player and if the Player does not comply, then he/she may be excluded from the chat room either temporarily or permanently.

12. Offensive Behavior

The FABLED experience is all about fun and excitement. Therefore, Players are prohibited from using any abusive, obscene, libelous, defamatory language, as well as any threatening and unlawful material on the FWP Site and FABLED Network. Players who insist on using such offensive language and material will have their chat feature blocked.

13. Game Integrity

Only the Player can see the cards that he/she holds during a Game. None of the FABLED officers, managers or back-office employees can monitor live playing hands; the hands and histories can only be checked after they have been played. Ensuring game integrity is a top priority for FABLED and therefore state of the art technology is employed to guarantee this.

14. Anti-Collusion Measures

a. By playing at the tables of the FWP Site and FABLED Network or downloading the Software the Account Holder agrees with the above rules and any other rules mentioned on the FWP Site and FABLED Network, including the terms listed in the license agreement, which is available during the installation of the Company's Client Software. FABLED is committed to detecting and preventing software programs which are designed to enable artificial intelligence software("AI Software") to run together with the FABLED Software such as, but not limited to, opponent-profiling, player collusion, cheating software or anything else that FABLED deems that enables a Player to have an unfair advantage over other Players. The Account Holder acknowledges that the Company will take measures to detect and prevent the use of such programs using AI Software methods (including but not limited to reading the list of the programs currently running on a Player's computer) and at the same time the Account Holder agrees not to use any AI Software and/or any such programs.

b. Collusion between Players is strictly forbidden. Among other measures, FABLED reserves the right to restrict seating and/or to prohibit Users from playing at a particular poker table or in a tournament, including restricting two or more Users from playing together at the same table or in the same tournament.

15. Fraudulent Activity

FABLED has a zero tolerance policy towards inappropriate play and fraudulent activity. If, in FABLED’s sole determination, the Account Holder is found to have cheated or attempted to defraud FABLED or any other User of any of the Games in any way including but not limited to Game manipulation or fraudulent payment, including use of stolen credit cards, or any other fraudulent activity (including any chargeback or other reversal of a payment) or prohibited transaction (including money laundering), FABLED reserves the right to suspend and/or close the Player's Account and to share this information (together with his/her identity) with other online gaming Sites, banks, credit card companies, and appropriate agencies.

16. Currency Exchange

Players can make currency exchange transactions with funds credited to their deposit Accounts at the current prevailing rate. The exchange rates are updated regularly and Players should be aware of the possible exchange rate fluctuations. Also, different exchange rates may be offered based on the kind of the transaction. FABLED, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to charge a fee on currency exchanges, decline any currency conversion transactions, and/or restrict the amount of money that may be converted by a Player. Players are strictly prohibited from using the FWP Site and FABLED Network for making profits through arbitrage; any such profits will be forfeited and deducted from the Player’s Account balance without any notification.

17. Company Employees

FABLED employees are not allowed to play on the FWP Site and FABLED Network. FABLED employees, or anyone else having access to inside information (for example, complete hand histories, playing histories, money transaction histories and similar) are not allowed to play in money Games or tournaments. This is to prevent any potential abuse of inside information at the tables.

18. Competitions and Promotions

FABLED or third parties may run competitions, promotions, tournaments or similar activities and events from time to time, which will be presented on a special part of the FWP Site. Any additional terms and conditions for participation in any such competitions, promotions, tournaments or similar and related activities will be specified on the relevant part of the Site from time to time ("Terms of Participation"). By entering or participating in the relevant competitions, promotions, tournaments or similar and related activities, the Player agrees to be bound by those Terms of Participation in addition to the Terms and Conditions stated herein and in the event of any conflict or inconsistency, the Terms of Participation will prevail. FABLED specifically reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to remove, alter or add competitions, promotions, tournaments or similar and related activities to the FWP Site without any liability whatsoever towards the Players.

19. Breach

a. Without prejudice to our other rights under these T&Cs, you are in breach of these T&Cs, in whole or in part, if, without limitation, you have more than one Accounts, you are not of legal age to use the FWP Site and FABLED Network, you have provided false information when registering for the FWP Site, you have deposited funds originating from illegal and criminal activities into your Account, your name on your Player’s Account does not match the name on the debit / credit card(s) you have used to make deposits in your Account, your jurisdiction of residence doesn’t allow the use of the FWP Site and FABLED Network, you have allowed deliberately or not someone else to use your Account, you have cheated when playing, you have used the FWP Site and FABLED Network in bad faith or you have breached any provision of Clause 7, 14, 15 and/or 16.

b. FABLED reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to take action as it deems fit, including terminating this Agreement with such Players, blocking their access to the FWP Site and FABLED Network, terminating their Accounts, seizing all funds deposited into their Accounts and/or taking legal action against them.

c. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless FABLED and its shareholders, directors and employees from all allegations, demands, liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including legal fees and any other charges that may arise due to your breaching this Agreement, in whole or in part, and/or violating any law or third party rights.

20. Limitation of Liability

FABLED shall in no event and under no circumstances be liable for any damages or losses that are deemed or alleged to have resulted from or caused by the FWP Site and FABLED Network or their content, including, without limitation, delays or interruptions in operation or transmission, communications lines failure, any person's use or misuse of the FWP Site and FABLED Network or their content, or any errors or omissions in their content.

21. Content

a. FABLED makes every effort to maintain the accuracy of the information on the FWP Site and FABLED Network but cannot accept responsibility for any prejudice, loss or damage which may occur from use of the information.

b. No responsibility is being acknowledged or accepted hereunder for, inter alia, the following matters:

i. Mistake, misprint, misinterpretation, mishearing, misreading, mistranslation, spelling mistake, fault in reading, transaction error, technical hazard, registration error, manifest error, force majeure and/or any other similar mistake/error;

ii. Violation of the FABLED Rules;

iii. Criminal Actions;

iv. Advice, in whichever form, provided by FABLED;

v. Financial risk and loss, including, but not limited to exchange rate variances; and/or

vi. Legal actions and/or other remedies.

c. Therefore it is hereby being specified that FABLED makes no representation, pledge or warranty (either explicit or implicit, including but not limited to warranty of accuracy, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement) that the Content is accurate and/or suitable for any particular purpose other than in so far as those warranties which cannot be expressly excluded under the governing law of these T&Cs.

d. Use of the FWP Site and FABLED Network is entirely at the Account Holder's risk. The FWP Site, FABLED Network and their content are provided on an “AS IS” basis.

22. Third Party Software

The Software contains third party software as a component, which may not be modified, extracted and altered from the Software. Use of the third party software is subject to compliance with these T&Cs. The third party software is offered “AS IS” and any warranties, including, but not limited to, fitness for purpose and merchantability are disclaimed. Under no circumstances shall the licensors and writers of the third party software be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, or loss of use, data or profits, for any cause of action and use, whether in contract, tort or otherwise.

23.  Legal Compliance

Account Holders are advised to comply with applicable legislation in the jurisdiction in which they are domiciled and/or resident. FABLED accepts no responsibility for any action taken by any Authority against any Account Holder.

24.  Limitation of Liability before a Court of Law

In the event that FABLED is found liable in any way in a Court of Law and/or a similar authority, with legal competence and/or jurisdiction over FABLED, then FABLED 's liability is limited to the amount recorded in the FABLED Account or the amount transferred into or out of the FABLED Account, whichever is the lesser.

25.  Miscellaneous Provisions

a. General

These T&Cs are not intended to create any partnership, agency or joint venture between FABLED and the "Client", "Subscriber", "Account Holder", "Player" or "User".

b. Severability

If any provision contained in these T&Cs shall be held by any Court or other competent authority to be void or unenforceable in whole or in part, these T&Cs shall continue to be valid as to the other provisions thereof and the remainder of the affected provision.

c. Headings

The headings in these T&Cs are inserted for the sake of convenience and clarity. They shall not be interpreted to limit or otherwise affect the provisions of these T&Cs, nor shall they bind FABLED in any way whatsoever.

d. Waiver

Any waiver by FABLED of any breach by any User of any provision of these T&Cs shall not be considered as a waiver of any subsequent breach of the same or any other provision of these Terms and Conditions.

e. Contact Information

FABLED can be contacted by email at

f. Law & Forum

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the country of Curaçao without giving effect to conflicts of law principles. The parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the country of Curaçao for the settlement of any disputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement. This agreement will not be governed by the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, the application of which is expressly excluded. If any part of this agreement is found void and unenforceable, it will not affect the validity of the balance of the agreement, which shall remain valid and enforceable according to its terms. In the case of any dispute between the English language version and versions in other languages of the Terms and Conditions and other content on the Site, the English language version shall prevail.

g. Amendment

FABLED reserves the right to change, update or amend these T&Cs as it deems fit without notice. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you visit the FWP Site and check the T&Cs in force on a regular basis.

h. Assignment

FABLED reserves the right to assign this agreement, in whole or in part, at any time without notice. Players may not assign any of their rights or obligations under this agreement.

26.  Contracts

a. A Player enters into a Gaming Contract with another one or more participant(s) of the FWP Site or other Sites operating within FABLED Network on such Terms and Conditions as the Player and such other participant(s) agree through the FWP Site and FABLED Network and so long as the Player has sufficient funds in his Player’s Account.

b. Each time a Player enters into a Gaming Contract, the terms thereof will be recorded on the FWP Site and FABLED Network. Once a Gaming Contract is entered into, neither the Player nor the other party / participant thereto will be able to change any of its terms and each one of them agrees that such information as is recorded by FABLED for FABLED shall constitute the terms of each Gaming Contract.

c. Each offer made by a Player to enter into a Gaming Contract will be open for acceptance by another participant(s) up to the earlier of:

i. the conclusion of a Game;

ii. the Player's withdrawal of the offer prior to its acceptance by another participant; and

iii. any decision by the Player to suspend and/or cancel his/her offer if in its absolute discretion FABLED considers it appropriate to do so, having regard to any happening in the course of the Game in question.

d. When a Player posts on the FWP Site and FABLED Network his/her willingness to enter into a Gaming Contract or by indicating on the FWP Site and FABLED Network his/her acceptance of the offer of some other participant to enter into a Gaming Contract, the Player irrevocably authorizes FABLED to effect each such Contract on the basis that the Player will be supplied with no details of the identity of the participant(s) who is the other party to each Contract nor will such participant receive any details about the Player. is a brand name owned and operated by Fabled Diamond Eagle N.V., a company registered and established under the laws of Curacao, which has an agreement with Antillephone N.V. for its gaming license 8048/JAZ. Fabled Diamond Eagle N.V. is registered under company number 138203, with registered address at E-Commerce Park Vredenberg, CuraƧao. Financial transactions are managed by Fabled Diamond Eagle N.V.